Congratulations on your Little One!


I look forward to meeting  your family and a baby at our upcoming newborn session! I suggest the following 5 (super simple) tips to follow to ensure a smooth, sleepy and successful newborn session.



 I know that sometimes things won't go the way we want and family life with a newborns is yet unsettled. 


   I encourage you to do your best!



1. Please interact with your baby as much as possible to keep him/her awake for at least one hour prior to our session to ensure he/she is nice and sleepy when you arrive. Without this, we may spend more time getting the baby to fall asleep and less time photographing him/her. Try giving him/her a bath or play with him/her to keep them awake. If you live further than 15-20 minutes from our home studio, please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your session so we can be sure he/she is sleepy when we begin. If you have older children, please plan to drive 2 cars so dad can take them for a play date once they are done with their photos.



2. Please plan to give the baby a full feeding as soon as you arrive at our home studio.

 If baby is formula fed, please bring extra formula and bottles. 



3. Please dress the baby in just a diaper and zipper/button sleeper (no onesie). The less we can upset the baby getting him/her undressed, the easier it will be to get them to fall back asleep.



4. If you are nursing, please avoid eating anything spicy that might upset baby’s stomach for 24 hours prior to our session.



5. Please bring along a pacifier if your baby takes one.



  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. I am so excited to see you and meet your little one!


Congratulations again!