Newborn baby Becca-31-01-18

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  I parked the car. Looked out the window. Two lights are on. They are home. Getting the baby blankets and running up the stairs. Knocking-no answer.

I don't  want to leave it by the door, should I put it in the mailbox? I will try the doorbell! .... Waiting,...waiting,...waiting and waiting some more.

Here he comes! Ben, ....walking slowly, limping, but firmly just recovering from the car accident. I am surprised he is coming to get the door, I thought the steps might be still hard to take. Just 8 months ago Ben was strapped to a bed and have to do things with a lot of help. And Jenna, his 2-year-old little daughter, was running around without him. 

         " I regret only one thing," Ben said at that time. " ...I can't be a Father right now, playing, feeding, walking. She only stays in bed with me for few minutes."

That is a miracle! He can walk now with his daughter, his first child, very curious, super energetic and joyful girl!

            I  was expecting to see Julie, Ben's wife, coming down the stairs always ... always with a smile. 

  "Hi!"I said.

Ben was smiling, ....very kind smile. He has changed a lot since the last time I stopped by. His eyes are so very happy! It amazing to me to see people at the moment of their pure happiness. 

Taking my shoes quickly, running upstairs!

And there she is, tiny baby girl, Becca, just out of the hospital and at last at home, her real home with Ben, Julie, and Jenna.

I see Julie on a couch, feeding the baby with a special formula for premature babies. She is peacefully happy. I am enjoying looking into her eyes at this moment. I love that...

  I have never seen babies that small, that's how they look at 32 weeks? I can't take my eyes off the baby, so very tiny, little hands, feet, and head. Perfect little face, nose, closed eyes and mouth. Becca is holding her hands up to her chicks slowly sucking. My heart is sinking, there are no words to describe what I felt. Everything stopped...there's no time...just peace, ....very deep peace that only could come from our Heavenly Father, the knowledge that He is our Father and we are his spirit children.  We are created in his image with love!

" It was a miracle," Julie said.  "She has no drug withdraw symptoms. Her Mom and dad were on strong drugs daily. She looks perfectly healthy I can't believe it!" 

My heart sinks again. Heavenly Father does love us so much with the infinite love we can't  comprehend, and I can feel it now.

It took a while for Becca's birth mother to sign up the paper since she was out of reach.

" I am so happy she is yours now!"I said. 

" This is the first time she is home," Ben said, holding the baby so very close to his chest, hugging with both arms. He looks so proud and so very humble that he can hold his daughter now. " We are beyond happy !" he continued.

Ben covered the baby with a blanket that I could only see a little bit of her tiny head, he is holding the baby gently but so very dear. He loves her already!

 It is my lucky day! I just happened to be in the area to drop off my friend's daughter and just a few hour earlier I found out Becca is coming home today, so I decided to stop by Julie's on a way back.  That was one more miracle...

The front door opens and a curly head popped in. It's Jenna with her grandparents, excited to see the little addition for the first time! Talking loud like a 3-year-old, super excited and yet very unsure. 

" Come and see who is here, Jenna!"Ben said.

 Jenna gets back on a couch coming closer to her Dad. And there's a big smile on her face, her eyes light up.

For a moment Ben is holding both of these little girls, looking back to the time when Jenna was home for the first time. She had very slight drug withdraw symptoms and after all looked very healthy, now she is running, talking and using long grown up words! 

" Jenna, what is the word childhood mean ?" I am asking her since I hear a new word in her vocabulary.

I remember it was a difficult time for Julie and Ben to get ready for adoption for the first time and now I can't believe they already have 2 little girls!

Jenna gets up from the couch and bringing a book for the baby. Jenna is holding the baby now and Ben is reading the book to his daughters.

 Julie comes with 2 outfits, one for Jenna and the other matching one which is made for the dolls. 

" She will definitely fit !"I reassure! Becca fits with plenty extra on both sides. 

Pictures,..... more pictures and now a family picture.

           A Family Picture, now four of them bounded by hearts with love stronger than any other bonds in this life! 

                                 This is another miracle of Love!

 This image is one of the strongest images I took. It was unposed and unplanned, its an image of a father trying to warm up his baby girl for the next photo, since she got instantly cold as soon as she was just in her diaper. It also has so much more in it.... and meaning gets even stronger when you know this story ...

Julie, Ben, Jenna, and Becca I was so very grateful for the chance to be with you in that moment and for the opportunity you gave me to capture these precious moments! Enjoy your photos! 


Kelly Marker
Liliya, the joy you have captured in these treasures is amazing, be still my heart!! How wonderful that you were led to be at the right place and time in the meeting of the new family member. What a beautiful family, I'm so happy for Julie and Ben and Jenna. Lilya, again, your work is joyous and candid and captivating!
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